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He Will Forever Be Missed





Remembering Jim

This site was created in memory of  Jim Flink and all those who loved him.

This site was created by APG to honor Jim. We would like you to share your memories, pictures, and videos.


In Memory Of

A life so Beautifully Lived

And a Heart so Deeply  Loved

The world lost a real Treasure this weekend: Jim Flink, a member of the APG team, and one of NC’s most respected and beloved real estate veterans, died in his sleep Monday, October 10th.

Jim impacted, influenced and positively changed thousands of lives across the country. As an example, he gently nudged me and my son to a “Heart of the Warrior” Men's retreat, and we were only two of dozens that he got there over the last 14 years. The weekend was truly transformational for us. The fact is Jim loved to mentor men. 

In September, Jim, Charlie Hightower, Geoff Loftin, and Grayson Tavolacci played golf together as a team in a tournament to support one of Jim’s favorite charities: “Fairways for Warriors.” He personally played an incredible game on an incredibly beautiful day. At the end of the round, he turned and said this to Geoff Loftin in response to all the beauty around them: “Geoff, if I never play another round of golf in my life, I’m happy.” It was his last golf game here on Earth. Now we celebrate that he’s golfing with and in the Stars.

His wife Nancy is in shock as we all are, yet she stands firm on her faith knowing where he really is now. We will keep you informed of plans for the celebration of his life. Nancy will likely choose a charity for memorial contributions for consideration, and please pray for her and their extended families. 

“Dear God, we do and will miss Jim until our last breath. Even so, we grieve with gratitude and the hope of our faith.”

Jim Anthony, Owner and CEO of APG

His Life


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