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Angie Lietzau Grabko
Nov 03, 2022
In Share Your Memory
I have known Jim and Nancy Flink for almost 20 years. They both became instant friends of ours. I always enjoyed Jim's stories of growing up as a Yooper. He was so proud of being from the Upper Peninsula (UP) and of his family roots. His ability to capture a room's attention. make you laugh and tell a story were always the highlight of an evening out with the Flink's. His smile was infectious, and you just couldn't help but want to be around him. He was down to earth and had a servant heart. Jim wanted to mentor others and guide them. Jim wanted to make everyone a better person and see in themselves what he saw in them. Being from the Midwest we didn't have immediate family in the area, but the Flink's became family. We celebrated Christmas, Birthdays, and Thanksgivings together. After giving birth to my son, we only had a handful of visitors, mostly my co-workers since our family was so far away. I remember "Jimbo" being one of those visitors. He probably never knew how much this meant to us to have "family" visit us during this special time of our lives. The love, admiration and dedication that Jim had for Nancy is something so rare. I pray for Nancy's strength during this time and hope she finds some comfort in the legacy that "Jimbo" has left behind. He has truly made an impact on many including myself. I am still shocked and in disbelief to think he is no longer on this earth. To say he will be missed is an understatement. Rest in peace Jim. With Love, Angie
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Angie Lietzau Grabko

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