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E. Shane Gray
Oct 22, 2022
In Share Your Memory
Jimbo, O' the memories I have of you, us, and others sharing brotherly love, tears, laughter, and HIS word. I have my Jesus Calling you gave me on my desk for encouragement, and now bittersweet reminders of you and HIM. I will forever treasure our times together over a quick phone call, lunch at Bonefish, fireside at Heart of a Warrior, in an office helping make the next deal, and meeting others you so loved. I recall the early days when we met, as you joined our office and I was amazed & baffled by all your post-it notes. Little did know how all those, at that time meant so much to your day-to-day work... Work meaning business deals, and the love of the Lord & people you had! Sure wish I could stand by you, read them, and have you tell me the stories behind them, again. Love You Brother - Until We Meet Again. ❤️
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E. Shane Gray

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